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Note: *Price applies for most single-installation websites and most scenarios. For more complex situations or larger websites, we’ll reply with a custom quote, if not agreed we’ll issue refund. For multi-site installations, you can pick the number of installations you need to migrate (i.e. adjust to “3” for 3 websites).

What we Transfer

With our Assisted WordPress Migration Service we transfer: WordPress to WordPress, Single-installations, Multi-Site Installations, Old Hosting to New Hosting (same or different domain), within Same Hosting (switching packages), Domain Changes (URL redirections needed, or your website will lose its Google rankings).

An "Assisted Migration" is the process where you hire experts to migrate (move/transfer) your website from your current hosting provider, to another. There are several aspects that can put your website at risk, if a migration is not performed by an experienced person.

There are several reasons for wanting to migrate a website to a new hosting:

  • You are looking for new features that your current hosting doesn't have.
  • You are just starting up a website and you prefer to go with a cheaper hosting, before you scale your business up.
  • Or just because "it's better". Hosting providers offer different packages, and you will be choosing based on number of websites that you can host, disk space, bandwidth, and a whole bunch of aspects that will make you pick one hosting over another.

Using a plugin to migrate a website from a hosting to another is certainly an option. However, all websites are built different, one may have e-commerce, one may not have, one may use that theme or plugin, one may use another, and so on. Migration Plugins are not "smart", they are just automated processes designed for "one-fits-all" scenarios. It can likely occur that some files or settings are left behind during the migration, or even that the website won't load in first place on the new hosting.

What's even worse is that sometimes it's not even noticeable. You may too late realize that something didn't "pass through" correctly. Something not "graphic", or not as "evident" that you would have noticed right away. For instance, a core plugin stopped working, or a setting was left behind. Maybe now your contact form where you receives leads is not working, or maybe the cart or the payment gateway. Not only you may experience loss of leads and sales for a prolonged time, until you even realize something is not working. It may become very difficult to restore the original situation, if the previous hosting has been deactivated and you lost the original configuration.

When performing your website migration, we don't use any plugins or automated software. We backup all your files and databases, we transfer everything to the new hosting, and configure everything manually. This guarantees that nothing is left behind, and that everything is configured as it should.

Our system allows us to collect all the information and credentials upfront from the client, from the very start, immediately after you place your order. This allows to speed up your migration as much as possible. It is also fundamental that clients provide accurate information, and any notes regarding the migration.

Your website migration will be completed within 72 hours. A simple single-install migration may take as little as 24 hours. Once we point your domain to the new hosting server, there's a propagation time that doesn't depend on us. It's known it can take up to 72 hours for your website to be visible from every location around the world, however, with most domain providers the propagation happens very quickly, within a few hours from when we start the process.

24 hours delivery. For urgent matters, you can order "extra priority" during checkout, when you are redirected to the Cart page. In that case, your website migration will be performed within 24 hours.

When collecting all information from clients, we ask if you use any messengers, such as Skype or Google Chat (G-chat). This can be very useful, for us and the client, to keep in touch with progress status and in case of any questions. In absence of a messenger, exchanging emails works just as fine.

We specialize in WordPress website migrations, from a hosting provider to another, or within the same hosting (when you switch packages/offers at the same provider). We only offer WordPress migrations at the moment.

If you're website is not made in WordPress and you want to convert it, please contact us for a quote.

"Free Migration" is commonly advertised from many hosting providers, all around the web. It is supposed to be a nice incentive to "help you out" migrating to them, since you'll be hosting for sometime with them. However:

  • Is it really free? It's often big words to lead customers to sign up, and only discover later that it only applies "if you meet requirements". Please always read the small prints and contact the hosting provider prior to signing up, to check "what are the requirements", if you are counting on that "free" service.
  • Long waits
  • Headaches


72-Hours Delivery ($149), 24-Hours Delivery ($249)


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