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Note: *Price applies for a single fix. If you have more than one issue, you can pick the number accordingly (i.e. adjust to “3” for 3 issues).

What we Fix

Technical Issues: Are you looking to fix or repair your WordPress website? Don’t be afraid, it’s a very common issue. Sometimes WordPress installations just stop working. It often happens after you update a plugin / theme, or install new ones. All of the sudden you see the 404 error page. Chances are that you can’t access your WordpPress dashboard / control panel anymore (i.e. www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin). Sometimes your whole WordPress website is down and won’t load anymore. Sometimes you’ll be able to see a specific error, sometimes you won’t. So what to do? There are usually quite a few “things” to look for and a few “places” to look at, when troubleshooting and debugging a WordPress installation. If you want to try to fix it yourself, an option would be to search online for the issue and follow the instructions. However, there’s always a risk in place, you could make things worse, and perhaps lose the whole thing for good. If you have no technical experience, or little WordPress knowledge, our team is here to help. We are WordPress experts and we can repair your WordPress installation. We’ll get your website back, up and running, in no time.

Design Issues: Is something not aligned correctly on your website? We can fix all kind of design and CSS issues on your WordPress website. Make your website look beutiful (and professional) again.

It is a very common issue. WordPress themes and plugins are developed by different individuals in different ways. Therefore, from time to time you may experience some incompatibility when you update themes and plugins, install new ones, make changes to your website, etc. We can debug the situation and restore your website's functionality.

You may wonder why your website design was just fine for a long time, then suddenly something started to appear misaligned. This is again related to theme and plugins incompatibility. While your design remained untouched until now, when you lastly updated your theme or plugins, the incompatibility issues caused some elements to appear misaligned on your website.

If you are familiar with the way WordPress works, debugging procedures, FTP access and such, you may be able to repair your WordPress installation. However, it's advisable to use professionals for the job. You'll benefit from a quick/fix repair and avoid the risk of damaging your website any further.

We will first analyze the issue from the WordPress backend (the WordPress dashboard). We will check all settings and locate the origin of the issue. Later we'll most probably have to access from your hosting provider to reach the disk space (FTP space). That will help us in fixing the issue. Design-related issues will be fixed from inside WordPress.

Our system allows to collect information and credentials upfront from clients, from the very start, immediately after you place your order.

This allows us to start the work as soon as possible.

It's very important that you provide accurate information (so that we don't waste time in communication just to receive the right credentials), along with any notes regarding your issues and the work to be performed.

When ordering, you can pick 72-hours delivery as a standard, or 24-hours delivery if your case is urgent.

When collecting all information from clients, we ask if you use any messengers, such as Skype or Google Chat (G-chat). This can be very useful, for us and the client, to keep in touch with progress status and in case of any questions. In absence of a messenger, exchanging emails works just as fine.

Yes, we are WordPress experts, and with this service we provide fix / repairs for WordPress websites, only.

All customers are protected under our "Fix or Refund" policy. If we can't fix your WordPress issue, you'll receive full refund.


72-Hours Delivery ($99), 24-Hours Delivery ($199)


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