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Note: *Removing a virus can be time intensive because of the multiple scans involved to make sure everything was cleaned up. When you pick “General Delivery”, it should take a couple of days. If your case is urgent, we advice to go with the High Priority Delivery.

What we Clean

Our WordPress Virus Removal Service is here to remove any virus and malware from your WordPress websites. If you have been affected by a virus, malware, spyware, trojan horse, hacker attack, brute force attack, and such, we are here to help! We’ll restore & clean up your hacked WordPress website with 100% efficiency.

Sometimes the virus will prevent your website to load, because of the infection. Other times, there’s no visible sign of the virus when visiting the website, but its core it’s still infected. Perhaps you have received a notification from your hosting provider, informing about the virus, or you have run an antivirus scan that reported something malicious. Either way, this kind of issue can be very unfortunate. You are facing the risk of losing your website for good, your business is interrupted, you experience loss of sales and revenue. Better act quickly, when in this situation and remove the virus as soon as possible.

Your website is going to be marked as “malicious” by search engines. Google detects malicious websites and ban them from search results, to prevent your website to put others at risk of infection, when visiting your website. As a result, your website will be quickly removed from the search results, and your website will lose its rankings. Wait no longer, hire our team of professionals to remove a virus from your WordPress website.

A virus affecting a website is not different than a virus affecting a computer. It's a bunch of malicious codes injected here and there into your website to cause a malfunction or steal information.

WordPress websites can get infected by a virus or malware because of an hacker attack, and a breach in the system.

Most of times, this happens because the admin is using weak or "easy to guess" passwords. Hackers use automated software that try all possible words and/or letter combinations. If your password is too short, or too easy to guess, that could be the reason of the breach. Weak passwords that could have caused the breach include WordPress admin passwords, hosting passwords, FTP passwords, etc.

Most definitely. You should make sure to remove a virus from your website as soon as possible. This for a few reasons, including:

  • Your website will soon be marked as "malicious" by Google and other search engines. This will cause your website to lose its ranking on search engines, and be banned from search results (which may be hard, or even impossible, to get back).
  • A virus or malware can steal personal information (including passwords), and exploit financial transactions (if your site has ecommerce, saved credit cards, etc). Your visitors and customers might be currently at risk.
  • Removing a virus / malware from a WordPress website involves to clean up the infected files. Basically, the "bad codes" need to be removed from within the "good codes". We advice to hire an expert to perform this task.

    The task of cleaning up a WordPress website from a virus or malware is a tricky and challenging task.

    There's a chance an unexperienced person will not be able to remove the virus effectively. This could also cause additional damage to the website by breaking some codes.

    Removing a virus or malware from a WordPress website is a task that should be performed by an expert.

    We don't use any anti-virus software to remove the virus. This simply because it's not safe to rely on an automated software to remove the "bad codes" from within "the good codes". Something can easily break. We will locate the infection, and remove the virus manually from the files that were infected. Ultimately, we will run a few scans, to make sure the virus is gone.

    Our system allows to collect information and credentials upfront from clients, from the very start, immediately after you place your order. This allows us to start the work as soon as possible. It's very important that you provide accurate information (so that we don't waste time in communication just to receive the right credentials). Our Virus Removal Service can be very time intensive. Ordering the High Priority Delivery will speed up the final delivery.

    When ordering this service, you can pick a General Delivery and it should take a couple of days for the job to be completed.
    However, removing a virus can be very time intensive as we need to run multiple scans to make sure everything was cleaned up, before we can close the project.

    For this reason, we advice to go with the High Priority Delivery, if your case is urgent.

    Yes, we generally keep in touch and provide status updates, although with this service it's mostly about the final delivery, when the ultimate scan will result clean.

    Yes, we are WordPress experts, and specialize in removing viruses from WordPress websites only.

    That's great! If you have a recent backup of your website, please make sure to bring it to our attention, and send it to us.

    Yes, we do. We can prevent your website to get infected with a virus / malware again. We will put measures in place and give suggestions to avoid it to happen again in the future.

    All customers are protected under our "Clean or Refund" policy. If we can't remove the virus from your WordPress installation, you'll receive full refund.


    General Priority Delivery ($299), High Priority Delivery ($399)

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    1. Emily Keith

      This virus removal service was such a lifesaver. I had no idea how to remove a virus from my WordPress website and The Web Hub did it in just a few hours. Can’t thank you enough!

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