Modern Resume Templates

Today we take a look at the Award Winning collection of modern resume templates designed by Office Resumes. There’s definitely a growing trend these days of more and more job seekers that use modern resume templates, when applying for a job. Well, apparently the good old times when people sent applications as a white plain sheets without personality are over. Say “hello” to the modern resumes, that aim to win the competition with their elegant, modern yet professional look. Here below you can find a fresh-looking collection of templates that isn’t extravagant, and convey the right message to the perspective employer.

There’s honestly no need of picking a design out of 40+ designs, if they are all average-looking. Better pick from a smaller collection with a few selected templates, designed by industry experts that know how to make you look professional and succeed with your final goal of being hired. You can check each design and find your favorite [all links open in a new page], you’ll find a extensive photo gallery for each template. They are all quite easy to use, as they are designed with Microsoft Office, so you can edit them just like any other MS Word document.

Lest’s not forget to mention to also take a look at the Full Resume Collection Bundle [it’s the last link at the bottom], it comes with a lot of benefits! In fact, you get all templates in the collection, you can therefore switch between designs if you’re unsure which one to use, and you can moreover get all new designs released in the future, for free. Last but not least, it comes at the price of 2 resumes alone, it really sounds like a great deal worth considering!

Happy job hunting!