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Notes: *Price refers to 1 website. You can select a one-time backup, 6 backups (twice a month for a year) or 12 backups (once a month for a year). If you are ordering for more than one website, you can pick the number of websites (i.e. adjust to “3” for 3 websites). Price applies for most single-installation websites and most scenarios. For larger websites, we’ll reply with a custom quote, if not agreed we’ll issue refund.

What we Backup

Our WordPress Backup Service will make a full copy of your WordPress website. All your files and database(s) will be manually copied and delivered to you, to be stored somewhere safe if something goes wrong with the online website. Several factors these days put all websites worldwide at risk (websites breaking down after a simple WordPress or plugin update, hacker attacks, virus infections, server malfunctions, just to name a few). Keeping a few backups handy in case of need, it’s the right thing to do. Professional websites can’t afford the risk of losing the whole website (and the whole business) by relying on backup copies made with automated plugins [learn more below]. That’s why your Pros are here to help!

A website backup is a full copy of your website (files and database), that you can keep saved offline, in case something happens to your website.

It's generally advised for everyone to keep a copy of their website. You can store it on your computer, an external hard drive, a portable usb key, or just anywhere you'd like. It can even be stored at your hosting provider, along with the website, as a zip archive.

Keeping a copy of your WordPress website stored somewhere safe is fundamental in case something happens to the your live website. Something may break down after some updates, you may suffer a hacker's attack, your website gets infected a virus, a server malfunction, or your website somehow going lost forever. These are all situations where keeping a backup of your WordPress website handy will be essential, in order to be able to restore the original website.

This depends on a few factors.

If you run a website that doesn't go through substantial changes over time, you may be good to go with a single backup from time to time.

If instead your website had design or content changes, new posts/pages added, new e-commerce orders, new user subscriptions, and such, it's time then to get a new backup. Or even better purchase a backup package throughout the year, to keep safe.

Keep in mind that WordPress itself, along with most plugins, always notice the user to make a backup before updating to a newer version. That highlights the risk of possible breaks when updating your website, so it would be safe to run some backups sometimes.

Sure you can, using a backup plugin for WordPress would probably get the job done right, most of the times. However, we need to consider that plugins are just automated processes, "one-fits-all" scenarios. As such there's always a risk they may leave some files or settings behind. Once the backup is created, there isn't a way to make sure everything was saved correctly. You are going to find out later if the backup was created correctly, or if something didn't work out with the backup. But at that point you'll be ultimately in need to restore your website, and it will be too late if the backup file created by the plugin didn't include everything, or wasn't proper.

Most professional websites can't definitely afford the risk of losing the whole website and business by using an automated backup plugin, which is why we are here to help!

We will manually download all your file and database(s), compress everything as a single zip file and store it wherever you prefer. We can send it over to you, for you store it (safest option), or we can store it on your web space along with your website.

When you'll receive your backup mostly depends on the size of your WordPress website that needs backup. It should normally take between 24-72 hours from smaller to larger websites.

If you ordered 6-12 backups to be performed over the year, we will deliver at intervals, making backups on the day you ordered the service. If you prefer, we can set a custom delivery date for each backup and delivery.

Yes, we are WordPress experts, and with this service we provide backup for WordPress websites, only.


1 Backup ($39), 6 Backups (every 2 months $199), 12 Backups (once a month $399)


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